In-house rehabilitation in the city of love – easily done thanks to BRAWO® SYSTEMS

TELEREP rehabilitates 38-metre-long downpipe on a multi-storey apartment building within two hours in the middle of Paris. Magnificent view of the Eiffel Tower during the installation of the BRAWOLINER® HT DN 100.

TELEREP is a specialist in trenchless sewer rehabilitation and the market leader for in-house rehabilitation work in France. TELEREP is part of the SARP Group, a sewerage and drainage company with over 80 years of experience.

The day before the rehabilitation, TELEREP prepared the construction site to ensure a smooth workflow. The first challenge at this construction site was to get the compressor onto the roof of the twelve-storey apartment building. This one had to be transported upwards from outside, along the wall of the building. The other equipment was able to be brought onto the roof using the lift and an access window.

The length of the downpipe to be rehabilitated was 38 metres. In order to rehabilitate the downpipe in one piece, TELEREP needed a flexible and reliable rehabilitation system. The main difficulty was to impregnate the liner and install it promptly in the pipe before it cured. Thanks to TELEREP’s experienced installers, the rehabilitation went quickly.

To speed up the curing process, the BRAWO® Steam Generator 50 UL was used, which generates steam with only a small volume of water. Especially for the rehabilitation of downpipes, steam curing offers great advantages.

The BRAWO® Control Box was used to check and regulate the temperature of the steam and the air pressure during the curing process.
It took the three TELEREP employees 25 minutes to impregnate the liner and within eight minutes it was possible to wind it up in the inversion drum. In total, the installation including curing took about 2 hours.

During the work, the installers were secured with safety harnesses. After installation, the liner ends were milled open to then reconnect the downpipe to the horizontal connections to the kitchens and bathrooms.

Yaker Ait from BRAWO® SYSTEMS Sales, France, is pleased about the increasingly intensive cooperation with TELEREP: “Our customer sees the many possibilities with BRAWO® SYSTEMS equipment, appreciates the quality and our experience with our rehabilitation system. I am often at the construction sites in person, helping and supporting our customers. In this way, I train my colleagues directly at the construction site and in the field. Customers appreciate our global service, which in my view, makes a not insignificant difference! Telerep has again shown that the company is capable of handling even difficult in-house rehabilitation jobs in an extremely professional manner. The view of the Eiffel Tower was a special bonus in this case.”