BRAWO® UVPox US - the first pigmented light-curing epoxy resin on the market

    After years of intensive development work, BRAWO® SYSTEMS is now launching the new BRAWO® UVPox US light-curing epoxy resin in the US. Light curing in buildings and on properties is now even more efficient.


    Positive fit with no penetration of water behind

    Together with the BRAWOLINER®, BRAWO® UVPox US fits positively in the old pipe so that there is basically no annular gap. Water column tests have proven that the installation can be carried out in such a way that no penetration of water from behind occurs.


    At a glance – the advantages of BRAWO® UVPox US:

    • Positive fit in the old pipe with no penetration of water behind

    • Very good mechanical characteristics

    • High installation reliability due to extremely long processing time

    • Optical check using coloured resin

    • Targeted, fast curing

    • Styrene-free and low-odour

    • Perfect in combination with the light curing system BRAWO® Magnavity SX

    The rehabilitation is thus even safer, with exfiltrations and moisture damage in the building being avoided. When rehabilitating underground pipes, root ingrowth is prevented as a matter of principle, and cases of infiltration and exfiltration are eliminated.


    Outstanding technical characteristics

    BRAWO® UVPox US is characterised by a high E-modulus, which significantly increases the stability of the cured liner after completion of the rehabilitation compared to conventional light-curing resin systems. A short-term E-modulus greater than 3,000 N/mm² is safely achieved.

    Another advantage of BRAWO® UVPox US is the pigmentation of the resin. For the first time, light-curing resins have made it possible to visually check the impregnation before installation. This ensures that the soaking of the entire carrier material can be inspected in a very simple way. The light transmission of the soaked BRAWOLINER® is not affected by this. A reduction of the curing speed is not necessary.



    BRAWO® UVPox US is the first pigmented light-curing epoxy resin on the US market that can be used for innovative curing with UV and LED light in combination with the BRAWOLINER®. The additional work that was previously necessary when using light curing for the rehabilitation of building and property drainage systems, such as the installation of a liner end collar to close the annular gap or a connection collar for the watertight connection of side inlets, is now no longer mandatory. This saves time and costs.

    In addition, an almost endless processing time ensures high installation reliability and targeted control of rapid curing by light. Furthermore, BRAWO® UVPox US is styrene-free and low-odour.

    BRAWO® UVPox US rounds off the smart light curing range provided by BRAWO® SYSTEMS. Together with the BRAWO® Magnavity SX for the diameter range DN 100 to DN 300, the rehabilitation experts from Germany offer the light portfolio for all applications in building and property drainage systems.


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    Water column test

    Short-term E-modulus comparison

    BRAWO® UVPox peak compression test

    BRAWO® Magnavity SX for the diameter range DN 100 to DN 300