Long distance rehabilitated with BRAWOLINER® on the coast of Jersey, UK

The municipality of St. Quen on the island of Jersey launched a major rehabilitation project in autumn 2023. As part of this project, Drain It LTD rehabilitated three underground pipes that run in the roads along the coast.
The more than 100-metre-long section was rehabilitated with liners and resins supplied by BRAWO® SYSTEMS.

The BRAWOLINER® XT DN150 to 250 in special lengths was used for each of the three construction sites. The liners were first impregnated with BRAWO® III resin. Five resin mixers had to mix this large quantity of resin at the same time. The impregnated liner was cured using hot water after being inserted into the pipe being rehabilitated.

The total length of over 100 metres and the resulting height difference between the start and finish shafts posed a particular challenge for this project. This was no problem for the flexible BRAWOLINER® . The Drain It LTD team needed approx. 12 hours for each of the individual measures. This special project was accompanied by the BRAWO® SYSTEMS team to monitor and assess the quality of the special length. 

Products used


  • Liner for pipes subject to high structural loads
  • From DN 100 to DN 250
  • Higher nominal rigidity
  • Bends up to 90°
  • One dimensional change

Thanks to the long processing time, BRAWO®III is suitable for the rehabilitation of longer pipe sections or large pipe diameters.

Processing time and curing time


Processing time at 15°C   

3.5 hrs.

Curing time at 10°C

24 hrs.

Curing time at 50°C

220 min.

Curing time at 70°C

140 min.

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