BRAWO® Magnavity SX

Light Curing the Smart Way!
Now in the USA!

Experience fast, reliable and above all smart light curing with BRAWO® Magnavity SX.
The innovative and unique LED heads allow simultaneous insertion with inversion of the liner.
Curing is thus carried out immediately after installation of the liner, without the need for additional insertion of the eel.

Guaranteed with the usual installation safety and high quality from BRAWO® Tech.

The new light curing system consists of an intelligent LED head with 96 / 192 high-performance UV LEDs, a 60-metre long combination hose with integrated power and compressed air supply, a retraction unit and a control box.

The BRAWO® Magnavity SX is CB certified and thus meets the technical requirements of most countries in the world. In addition to the CE conformity included therein, the equipment is NRTL certified for use in the North American market.

Operation is made even more convenient by the larger 10" touchscreen panel.


  • Exchangeable LED heads with integrated operating hours monitoring
  • Installation log and interface to mobile end device (USB, W-LAN)
  • Reversible dual camera
  • Intelligent LED heads with integrated magnetic coupling for
    electromagnetic remote unlocking
  • Plug & Play: Automatic recognition of the LED head used


  • Low power consumption with high light output
  • 96 / 192 high-performance UV LEDs with extremely high efficiency
  • Saves a complete operation, only one access point necessary
  • “Turtle” function for safe curing in the inlet area


  • Very fast curing 
  • Very good bend flexibility, 87° possible from DN 100
  • Easy transportation thanks to modular, lightweight construction
Technical Data
Weight:approx. 70 kg
Dimensions (l x w x h) :735 x 490 x 975
Connected load [kW]:1.25
Max. range (or hose length) [m]:60
Retraction speed [m/min]:0,1 – 2,0

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